A Promise of Quality and Trust

د کیفیت او باور ژمنه

Had has never stopped in the belief that success comes from meeting the high level of customer expectations. It gave enthusiasm and drive to bring high standards and quality in every thread fabricated in HAD’s attires. In 2013, HAD worked with young talent to bring innovation and ideas worth implementing to deliver its customers what HAD expects.

Be the part of Exclusives

د اختصاصونو برخه اوسئ

A vision for innovation while staying true to our clothing traditions drove HAD to give a new dimension to the concept of fashion in Pakistan. The vision acted as a beacon to bring new ideas and unlimited options in men’s clothing in parallel with the blend of cultural and western dressing styles. HAD has always been driven by quality, comfort and innovation to deliver an ultimate choice for you.

Diversity                  تنوع

HAD has always been diverse to bring choices for the customers. It ranges from centuries-old traditional attires to modern outfits for young and energetic people. A demonstration of exquisite fabrication, incomparable sensibility and pushing boundaries in innovation distinguishes HAD as the best cloth makers of Pakistan. 

Passion                     جذبه

We love what we do, and it shapes our great work of fabrication and attention to detail from every aspect. It is why we ensure that every product goes through checking steps to fulfil the entire customer’s expectations from the brand.

Consistency             تسلسل

HAD is always consistent and ensure that it is easily recognizable across all marketing channels and touchpoints. It gives us a cohesive and consistent brand identity that enables a unified experience for both loyal and potential customers of HAD.

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