Brand Dynamics and  Pushtoon Tradition

Our vision

Men’s Fashion is a challenge in the modern era. HAD believes in embracing fashion changes while staying true to its traditional norms. Therefore, it never took a chance on tailorship and quality of the fabric used. As a result, it became a cornerstone of a well-improved brand for the men of Pakistan. The brand acted as a beacon of guidance to artisans and professionals to create new concepts and unique products for HAD wardrobes.

The Warriors Legacy!

The Partūg-Kamees, PAKOL and Shawls in winters are an honor of Cultural Values, the "'Pashtunwali", which reign in Pashto. Originated from Chitral but with the passage of time, it has become one of the most important symbols in Pashtun culture – it represents honor, power and authority. This legacy of the warriors and tribal chieftains forever left a strong mark on

Blend of Traditional and Western Apparel!

The Brand is a leading provider of traditional & Western Men Clothing and Accessories based in the City of Flowers (Peshawar). The Brand was founded in 2013 to give new dynamics to the concept of fashion in Pakistan. It led us to various ideas and unlimited ways to blend traditional and western styles. HAD was founded with a defiant spirit to mainstream the market with quality and a new feel above and beyond that will help transform the old fashion into western outfits.

The Brand aims to provide the most stylish and trendy collection for men, women, children and kids.


Customer satisfaction is the heart of our brand; that never takes a chance on quality & provides the right product to the customers. As “customer first” has always been the brand motto, HAD created beautiful moments into long-lasting memories to keep it on social forever.